Torque Creative: A success story of 5-hour language translation

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“Can you keep up with us?”

We hear this now and again from a company who is considering working with us. Their business model is not for the faint of heart. It’s like a daily 100-meter dash, and participants get left in the dust if they can’t keep up with the pace. In situations like this, language translation is no exception.

One of our clients, an in-house graphic design agency called Torque Creative, is a perfect example.  Before becoming an Indopak client, they had a serious need for speed—but were having serious trouble finding a translation provider that could deliver in the short timeframes they required.

Let’s discuss the challenges they faced in their pre-Indopak days, and how they ended up with consistent five-hour turnaround times, 41 percent content reuse rates and consistent messaging. After all, you might be in a similar situation: ready to run a four-minute mile and looking for a fast language translation vendor to get you to the finish line.

A quick client snapshot

Torque Creative handles graphic design and marketing initiatives for TTI Techtronic Industries North America, a division of the global manufacturer of products for home improvement, repair and construction. TTI’s internationally recognized product brands include RIDGID®, Ryobi® and Homelite®, sold in Home Depot and other stores around the world. A major portion of Torque Creative’s responsibilities is handling translation for content such as packaging, product signs, banners, posters, brochures and other point-of-purchase material for the products.

They handle around 100 language translation projects per month, and most of them, if not all, need to be turned out in a matter of hours.

The pre-Indopak challenges

The teams at Torque Creative were facing significant roadblocks with their previous language translation provider, which simply couldn’t handle Torque’s accelerated timelines. But that wasn’t all.

“[Our former vendor] did not provide a translation memory database. We were charged for translations that should have already been in their system,” says Vicki Myers, Account Services Director of Torque Creative, TTI Techtronic Industries North America.

If the disappointment due to unmet deadlines wasn’t bad enough, the quality of the translations was suffering—and they were somehow paying more than they should have been on top of that. Who wants to be stuck paying double for a subpar product?

A turning point toward faster turnaround

To fill the numerous gaps, Torque had been sending one-off projects to Indopak and some other translation providers. One of our sales managers noticed this and called Torque to see if Indopak could do anything further to help out. The conversation revealed that Torque Creative was in dire need of a cost-effective, timely solution—one that was more repeatable for the long term.

Right up front, the Indopak project management team talked with Torque’s teams about expectations—mainly concerning the kind of volume and delivery deadlines Torque would be requesting on a regular basis. This is one of the most important first steps in beginning a partnership, because finding out too late that your translation provider can’t deliver on time makes for some very stressful meetings and phone calls.

Most important was to centralize all of Torque’s language translation projects within Indopak’s translation management system, giving Vicki and the teams at Torque full visibility into the translation process. It helped to fast-track language translation projects through process automation and created better cost efficiencies through use of the translation memory software, effectively reducing the aggregate per-word rates.

Best of all worlds: Speed, quality, technology

Sure, you can rush a project through the language translation process—but the real test is whether the quality is there, too.

The partnership between Torque Creative and Indopak continues to speed along with reliable delivery times and consistency in messaging due to their translation memory and the way it’s centrally managed within Indopak’s translation management system.

We’re proud of what we do for Torque Creative—and we feel that this kind of success story is important for you to be aware of. With the right translation provider, you don’t have to sacrifice quality if speed is critical.

If you’ve got your own need for quality-assured velocity in language translation, don’t let your company get relegated to the pace and unpredictability of a rickety trolley car on rusted rails. You deserve a reliable solution that combines quality, technology and speed. Let us know today if we can help out with that.

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