Three ways to use Web Based Simultaneous Interpretation

I recently wrote about our latest service offering called Web Based Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation, which is live simultaneous interpretation where delegates and Chinese interpreters may not necessarily be in the same room, venue or country.


web based simultaneous interpretation

Live on Site

Live on Site follows the traditional way of having interpreters on site in a booth with the delegates in the same room, venue and country. Where  the web based SI (simultaneous interpretation) comes in is when there are delegates who cannot travel to the venue. We then stream the conference with the live SI to these remote delegates.


Hybrid set up is that interpreters are located in China at Indopak’ interpretation centre working from a booth. Live interpretation is then streamed to delegates at the venue. We would also do a live stream to remote delegates who are not able to attend at the venue.


Broadcast  follows the Hybrid set up where the interpreters are located in Beijing at Indopak’ interpretation centre working from a booth. However, the delegates are not located in one venue but in several venues, possibly different countries even. We then do live streaming to delegates around the world.

A good example on where this option is best applied would be for companies who are doing  a simultaneous product launch to their distributors around the world or conducting training sessions to, let’s say, their sales force.


Web Based SI is an option that can be applied to certain conference scenarios. It is not designed to replace the traditional set up of having the equipment and interpreters on site. Yes, it will help reduce travel and accommodation costs in relation to interpreters. However,  there are  minimum requirements that needs to be met.

What are the two important elements or limitations?

1. Internet connection with minimum 5Mbps upload speed at the venue

2. The system is limited to 8 to 12 languages


As such, if the conference has a plenary and two breakout rooms where each room has 5 languages and are being used at the same time, this translates to 15 language streams. Using Web Based SI would not be an option. This type of conference set up reverts to the traditional one.

Let’s say, there is another conference with this brief. Two days in a European city, 6 languages to include Mandarin, 500 delegates but the Chinese delegates will stay in Shanghai, as an example. For this kind of set up, the Live on Site or Hybrid are possibilities.

The only thing that needs to be addressed is the upload speed. If this can be provided at the venue, then Web Based SI is definitely a firm option.

So, you can see that it is not a replacement service to the traditional set up but rather an enhancement to help reach more delegates. Therefore, encouraging more attendance and participation of delegates who may not have been able to attend in the past.

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