Importing, Exporting, and Translation

Indopak Translation’s very first project in  2009 was the translation of documents to support a budding international business relationship. Of the more than ten million words we’ve translated since then, 99 percent has been in support of global business.

So, we take a keen interest in everything that impacts the import/export of goods and services in the United States. In an effort to boost exports, and thus increase jobs, through streamlining export processes, President Obama announced the Export Control Reform Initiative in March 2010. This fact sheet1 from the White House outlines the initiative and its purpose.

The March 11, 2010 White House blog2 confirms the president’s policies on exports by focusing on his State of the Union address, in which “the President explained that every $1 billion increase in exports would support more than 6,000 jobs.”

In Donald A. DePalma’s article, Obama Expands Executive Council to Increase U.S. Exports3, he frames the National Export Initiative4 (NEI) in the context of why it is important, what it could mean to U.S. businesses, and topics that should be discussed by the Export Council.

We agree with DePalma’s contention that language issues are central to successful export development, and that the lack of language services representation will adversely impact the results. “The bottom line is that language services and exports are inextricably linked in a chicken-and-egg kind of relationship. Export is enabled by language, and more exports increase demand for more language across the spectrum of marketing, product, and support. . . .”

Indopak Translation has a history of helping clients, large and small, with the language services needed for importing and exporting. We understand the importance of protecting brands when expanding internationally and integrating into global communities through a thoughtful understanding of linguistic and cultural nuances. We bring that understanding to the translation of materials for R&D, business negotiations, licensing, patents and trademarks, operations, manufacturing, safety, human resources, consumer information, marketing, and much more. A long and reputable history within the translation community enables Indopak to access the finest technical linguistic expertise available on a regular basis in all major languages in support of our clients’ international business needs.

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