The global mining industry has economic pressure to maximize production compounded by the challenge of supporting local workforces operating sophisticated machinery. Large volumes of highly specialized documentation, training materials, communications and legal content need to be translated quickly and accurately. Indopak delivers for our mining industry clients with a suite of technology and services designed to support you from discovery to extraction.

Massive Project Specialists

Technical mining documents are typically thousands of pages and millions of words, and there is significant pressure to translate these materials into local language so for immediate use. Indopak routinely manages massive projects in the industry with unmatched speed. A central translation management platform connects our global production team to seamlessly move projects around the globe at unmatched speed. Everything about our technology is optimized for efficiency and quality to meet the most aggressive schedules. 

Specialist Translation Teams

Having translated tens of millions of words of technical mining documentation, we know that mining requires unique technology, scale and safety. To meet these requirements we assemble unique teams of professional, native-language translators for each project, selected for technical proficiency, with content specialists and industry veterans included in our teams. Teams are led by Indopak Certified Editors who review each translated sentence for accuracy and adherence to standards, ensuring that the translators are performing at their best for you.

Your Project Partner

Indopak collaborates with your on-site teams to plan each translation phase in detail. From our experience with large projects, we anticipate bottlenecks and develop solutions to avoid surprises that could jeopardize operational milestones. We create detailed glossaries and style guides that reduce the potential for rework and maintain end-user satisfaction. With process automation and a global production team, we provide 24×7 project support for the most demanding deadlines.

Proven Experience

Our knowledge and understanding of the unique requirements of the mining industry comes from supporting major mine sites and industry leaders, translating tens of millions of words in a variety of languages, on long-term projects including:

  • Tenke Fungurume Mine (DRC)
  • Oyu Tolgoi Mine (Mongolia)
  • Tasiast Mine (Mauritania)
  • El Boleo (Mexico)
  • Escobal Mining Project (Guatemala)

Example Projects

  • Operator Manuals
  • Training Courses
  • Virtual Simulator
  • Safety Instructions
  • Employee Tests
  • Workplace Standards
  • Technical Manuals
  • Communications
  • Job Descriptions

Translations for the GROWING Energy Industry

In 2009, China overtook the United States to become the largest energy consumer nation in the world. And the demand for energy is expected to rebound soon in those countries and regions where it has shrunk in the past two years. As costs and environmental concerns about traditional energy sources grow, mature energy industries are seeking new technologies to increase efficiencies and produce cleaner energy products.

All segments of the energy industry—petroleum, gas, coal, electric, alternative, and nuclear—are forecasted to grow over the next 25 years, with the Interntional Energy Outlook report projecting a 49% increase in world-marketed energy consumption from 2007 to 2035.1

The global recession and various national policies have affected petroleum companies in significantly different ways. However, according to the PFC Energy 50 report,2 some oil industry companies’ valuations were at their highest in history by the beginning of 2010.

Although this report shows that the fifteen largest alternative energy companies have recovered only half of their lost 2008 valuation as a group, Global Clean’s recent report3 indicates that capital invested in this sector by the end of September 2010 already exceeded the whole of 2009. In alternative or renewable energy, research and development and intellectual property protection currently produce the most requests for translation from McElroy, but we expect to see the need for more installation, operations, safety, contracts and communications, and sales and marketing texts as this market matures.

High-tech is becoming more integrated with electrical energy as is evidenced by the companies present in this Alt Energy Smart Grid stock list, which includes IBM, Cisco Systems, and even Google!4 For more information about what the Smart Grid is, there are PDFs directed to consumers, technology providers, and others on this web page.5The U.S. government seems to be signaling a commitment to the global Smart Grid project with Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke’s delivery of the keynote address at the 2010 GridWeek Conference.6

From Indopak’s inception, energy and chemical translations have been core segments of our business. Energy clients range in size and type from the largest U.S.-based integrated oil corporations to smaller, highly specialized global energy firms. Our translations support businesses operating in oilfield services, equipment manufacturing, transportation, hardware and software technologies, and many energy services companies.

A sampling of Indopak’s energy equipment clients by primary product category includes:

  • Instrumentation
  • Nuclear power plant equipment
  • Regulators, valves, discs, and other fluid controls
  • Transformers, generators, UPS systems
  • Seismic data systems
  • Subsea production equipment

A sampling of McElroy’s energy services clients by primary service category includes:

  • Electrical energy auditing and engineering
  • Onshore and offshore drilling
  • Petroleum products transportation
  • Equipment rental
  • Inventory software and services


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