Chinese Transcription Services

Chinese Transcription and Captioning Services

IndoPak Translation Service provides professional, quality and accurate Chinese audio transcription service to our esteemed clients. We are able to provide transcription pertaining to interviews, conferences, focus groups, immigrations, prisons and other organisations. Indopak offers voice-to-text solutions, particularly transcription, real-time/offline closed captioning, and translation and subtitling services—with focus on accuracy, quality, and fast turnaround. We provide Chinese transcription and captioning services for customers in the following market segments: Healthcare/Medical, Education, Banking/Financial, Insurance, Energy/Utilities, Travel/Hospitality, Media/Entertainment, Legal/Law Enforcement, Telecom, Government, Retail, and Technology.

Our clients for transcriptions belong to research departments of various universities, research agencies, students, government departments, commercial businesses, prisons and many other organisations. We provide excellent and economical services to our clients with smile.

IndoPak Translation Service not only provides Chinese transcription service to organisations but we are proud to offer our services to individual clients in accordance with their specific requirements and we deliver our services with highest standard of quality and accuracy. We can assure you that transcription projects we receive from our clients are done by qualified and professional experts who do not only have qualification but extensive experience in transcription field.

We can provide transcription from digital formats including mp3, wav, wmv, video, CD, DVD and cassette.

Specialized Chinese TranscriptionistS

We work with certified, legal, medical, technical translators as well as web page translators so that we can offer quality translations for transcripts in practically any language and area of specialisation.

Transcripts in Chinese

  • Verbatim transcriptions, with or without “filler” words
  • Any audio or video format
  • Time-stamping of script

Offline Captioning and Subtitling

  • Addition of captions to any video format
  • Subtitles available in all languages and character fonts

Real-Time Chinese Closed Captioning Services

  • Live television broadcasts and Webcast captioning
  • Captioning live classes, meetings, Webinars, podcasts, and trainings
  • Real-time captioning available in both English and Spanish
  • A vital resource if the audience includes individuals who are hearing impaired, have English as a second language, or tune in with the volume muted

Real-Time Transcripts

  • A perfect solution when closed captioning isn’t needed, but an instant rough transcript is required

Focus is on Dependability, Accuracy, and Fast Turnaround

  • Indopak’s proven methodologies and specialized teams ensure that we deliver high-quality, effective results.


Indopak is equipped to handle confidential information, including data protected by HIPPA regulations. All of our Chinese transcriptionists have signed non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. To further protect confidential information, all files are stored on a central server, and transcriptionists access the audio by connecting to the server. No files are transferred or downloaded between Indopak and the transcriptionists.

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