Chinese Transcription Services

Chinese Transcription and Captioning

Indopak offers voice-to-text solutions, particularly transcription, real-time/offline closed captioning, and translation and subtitling services—with focus on accuracy, quality, and fast turnaround. We provide transcription and captioning services for customers in the following market segments: Healthcare/Medical, Education, Banking/Financial, Insurance, Energy/Utilities, Travel/Hospitality, Media/Entertainment, Legal/Law Enforcement, Telecom, Government, Retail, and Technology.

Transcripts in Chinese

  • Verbatim transcriptions, with or without “filler” words
  • Any audio or video format
  • Time-stamping of script

Offline Captioning and Subtitling

  • Addition of captions to any video format
  • Subtitles available in all languages and character fonts

Real-Time Chinese Closed Captioning Services

  • Live television broadcasts and Webcast captioning
  • Captioning live classes, meetings, Webinars, podcasts, and trainings
  • Real-time captioning available in both English and Spanish
  • A vital resource if the audience includes individuals who are hearing impaired, have English as a second language, or tune in with the volume muted

Real-Time Transcripts

  • A perfect solution when closed captioning isn’t needed, but an instant rough transcript is required

Focus is on Dependability, Accuracy, and Fast Turnaround

  • Indopak’s proven methodologies and specialized teams ensure that we deliver high-quality, effective results.


Indopak is equipped to handle confidential information, including data protected by HIPPA regulations. All of our Chinese transcriptionists have signed non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. To further protect confidential information, all files are stored on a central server, and transcriptionists access the audio by connecting to the server. No files are transferred or downloaded between Indopak and the transcriptionists.

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