Chinese Interpretation Services​

YBD provides interpreting support for many language combinations. After carefully analyzing your needs, we select professional interpreters to meet the required specifications. All interpreters are native speakers and certified in their field of interpretation.

We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting solutions for international business and government negotiations, meetings, technical discussions, conferences, seminars, onsite work and other events.

When requesting an interpreter, you will require either a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter. Both use unique language communication skill sets that should be recognized and understood before initiating any multilingual interaction.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation requires that the interpreter serve as a connection between two speakers. When the speaker pauses or finishes, the interpreter renders the speech in the first person, in the target language. Speech and interpretation generally occur in segments of a couple sentences in length, depending on the type of content. Used for court hearings, legal depositions, business meetings, negotiations, medical appointments, tours, informal meetings and social occasions, consecutive interpretation has become an affordable and readily available language resource.

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Chinese consecutive interpretation services
Chinese simultaneous interpretation services

Simultaneous Interpretation​​

In simultaneous interpretation, the speaker’s words are interpreted at the same time he or she is speaking. As an example, simultaneous interpretation is best demonstrated in the joint sessions of the United Nations where international leaders use earpieces that simultaneously feed interpretations. The real time interpretation is fed from an interpreter in another room. This form of interpretation can be more difficult, as the interpreter can become fatigued due to the required levels of concentration and communication. Depending on budgets, it is recommended that at least two interpreters share any simultaneous interpretation assignment. In regards to the “hidden” audio requirements of simultaneous interpretation, the audio equipment, service providers generally defer the audio engineering and production to either the customer, or outsource to a partnering company. Simultaneous interpretation is more expensive, however it facilitates a more effective flow of the speaker’s presentation, in half the required speaking time.

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Over-the-phone Interpretation

In addition to consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, Indopak is proud to offer over-the-phone voice interpretation. Airports, regulatory affairs, hospitals and call centers appreciate Indopak’s ability to provide fast connections to interpreters in over 100 languages. While handling high call volumes of over 6500 calls per day, customers can be connected to a Spanish interpreter in less than ten seconds. For less common languages, customers can be connected to an interpreter within 30 seconds on average. In addition, customers welcome the option to have their own 800 number to ensure direct contact to an interpreter. And, with most interpreters based in the United States or Canada, time zone conflicts are no longer an obstacle to doing business worldwide.

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Chinese telephone interpreting services

Chinese Interpreting Services Across all Chinese Cities​

We can provide Chinese interpreters across all the major cities in China. 

Hongkong Interpreter

Beijing Interpreter

Shenzhen Interpreter

Guilin Interpreter

Nanjing Interpreter

Haikou Interpreter

Sanya Interpreter

Dongguan Interpreter

Wuhan Interpreter

Changsha Interpreter

Fuzhou Interpreter

Jinan Interpreter

Dali Interpreter

Lijiang Interpreter

Shanghai Interpreter

Hangzhou Interpreter

Macao Interpreter

Suzhou Interpreter

Yiwu Interpreter

Chengdu Interpreter

Zhuhai Interpreter

Guangzhou Interpreter

Xiamen Interpreter

Wuxi Interpreter

Qingdao Interpreter

Tianjin Interpreter

Chongqing Interpreter

Kunming Interpreter

Chinese Interpreter Services From and Into Any Language

Whether you speak English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or even Persian, we have you covered with your interpreter needs.

English into and from Chinese

French into and from Chinese

Spanish into and from Chinese

German into and from Chinese

Italian into and from Chinese

Turkish into and from Chinese

Indonesian into and from Chinese

Japanese into and from Chinese

Korean into and from Chinese

Thai into and from Chinese

Vietnamese into and from Chinese

Thai into and from Chinese

Malay into and from Chinese

Russian into and from Chinese

Arabic into and from Chinese

Portugese into and from Chinese

Swedish into and from Chinese

Dutch into and from Chinese

Persian into and from Chinese

Cantonese into and from Chinese

Chinese Interpreters for Hire on Different Occasions

Need a Chinese interpreter as your tour guide? Visit a factory? 

Medical Appointments

Court Proceedings

International Business



Press conference


International conferences

Private tour

Factory vist

Client visit

Academic tour

Family visit

Sanya Interpreter



International conference

Market research


Onsite due diligence


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