Go big in China​

Looking to do business in China? We are your reliable partner for digital marketing. If you want to sell or improve your sales, look for business partners or import Chinese products, you need to know the market thoroughly and get the market to know you.

At YBD we work with the best bilingual marketers and copywriters to offer you the best tailored Chinese marketing services, advice on export and import of products, direct sales to China and translation of documents.

baidu seo services

Baidu SEO​

Like Google, Baidu also offers a wide range of services such as page search, news, images, videos, question-and-answer, pay-per-click advertising , web analytics, etc. Baidu is the essential tool to reach your final customers.

We develop an analysis of your website (structure, content, etc.) to adapt it to the Chinese market, taking into account the dos and don’ts of Baidu SEO. 

Wechat marketing​

WeChat is one of the most popular mobile applications in China.

It started as an instant messaging application similar to WhatsApp and has now become a platform that offers various services such as social networking, payment platform, promotions and online stores, among others. Its monthly active users have already exceeded 438 million.

WeChat offers the possibility of creating official accounts with which you can directly send content to your followers, which allows us to spread campaigns among our target readers in an active way.

wechat marketing
weibo marketing

Weibo marketing​

Weibo is one of the most popular platforms in China, we can say that its function is similar to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram combined, it is a social network, but it is also a platform to share information.

Its monthly active users are already more than 156 million. If you want to publicize your brand and products and be closer to the end customers, Weibo is the key.

Complete solutions​ for Chinese digital marketing

We develop a strategic marketing plantailored to develop all the possibilities offered by the Internet: get your company to appear in search engines, make sure your website is visited and has an active presence on social networks, creating accounts and content to interact with potential customers. We follow up and periodically analyze the results of these actions to make sure we meet objectives.

Baidu PPC​​

Account planning and structure build-out. Configuration of web analytics. Management of keywords, bids and targeting options. Creation of text and image ads. Advising on changes to your website to suit Baidu users. Creation of landing pages and websites.

Reputation management​

In China, consumer comments have a great influence on the market, we monitor your brand's online reputation, we work to maintain or improve it.​

Content marketing​

We create content based on a study of keywords for blogs, press releases, newsletters, etc. and in a lot of interactive and engaging formats including infographics & videos.​

Web design​

Create a Chinese centric website to inform local customers of the benefits of your products or services. Adhering to your brand guidelines, we create websites that fit the local market, whilst making you stand out from your competition.​

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