5 Tips for Choosing a Translation Service Provider

More than 20 years ago, cartoonist Peter Steiner created one of the most famous New Yorker cartoons of all time.  It features two dogs in an office, one sitting at a computer. The caption reads: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

Steiner’s cartoon is still relevant today.  With so much business conducted without meeting face to face, it’s hard to know whom you’re actually working with.   This is especially true when it comes to translation services. The barriers to entry to put up a website and market translation services are very low. On top of that, customers can rarely directly judge the quality of services, as it is unlikely they can read the finished product.

Freelance Translators: The Preferred Solution

There’s been much ado lately about the rise of the freelance economy. More workers want the flexibility of independent careers and more companies need freelancers to scale labor efficiently to meet client demands.
Interestingly, the freelance economy is nothing new when it comes to translation services. Freelancers have long been the backbone of the industry. Most professional translators are actually independent contractors…and prefer it that way. The arrangement benefits translators, language service providers, and where it matters the most: the translation customer. Here’s why:

11 things you must know before requesting translation services

Choosing the right translation services is like finding a needle in a haystack.There are roughly 30,000 language service providers to choose from. And if all you know is that you need translation services, how can you be sure you’re requesting them from the right provider?Whether you are new to translation services, or looking for a better way to consolidate your organization’s current translation processes, here are six important things every company should know before requesting translation services.

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