4 more elements to look for in translation services

A few weeks ago we highlighted important things to look for when seeking translation services in our blog post, Making a list, checking it twice: What to look for in translation services. As you can imagine, there are several important qualities of a valuable translation service provider. So to continue helping you evaluate the services you should come to expect, here are four more things to look for from your translation service provider.


Translation service providers should be there to assist you with all your translation needs, no matter how big or small. So it’s important to know how much they are willing to work with your company’s processes and personnel in order to create better workflows for your company. A translation service provider who is willing to partner with your company can better understand your business needs and help you maximize your translation ROI. If you feel like another needle in their haystack, then you probably are. Make sure you look into any service strategies, best practice advice and guidance of translation providers to decide whether they are partnering with you – or just working with your money.

Flexible services

The beauty of translation services is that there are many offerings, from website localization to authoring tools, which can fit your company’s exact needs. Unfortunately, not all companies can offer the same versatility in their products and services. Similar to your partnership, determine the exact policies that come with a translation service providers’ software and licenses and get a thorough understanding of all basic services. This will help you show whether they can realistically fit with your company’s translation workflows and give you the needed level of flexibility.

Best-of-class translation technology

In union with flexibility is the backbone of a good translation service provider – their ability to offer you a valuable content management system and an effective workflow environment. An efficient technology will give you transparency into the localization workflow and manage your translation vendors, memories, terminology and costs in one centralized system. How and when you can leverage these functionalities is also important. Cloud-based, real-time and 24/7 collaboration access will provide better functionality to all your project participants.


What your translation service is providing you now, may not be exactly what you require in the future. As your organization grows, so does your translation needs. Be sure to evaluate the scalability of a translation provider to assure they can successfully manage your translation workflow now, and in the future. The last thing you want is your translation service provider holding you back from global expansion.

Choosing the right translation service provider could make all the difference in your worldwide success. Keep looking for these four more elements in your translation service provider and you (and your translations) will be at ease before you know it. In case you missed it, don’t forget to check out Making a list, checking it twice: What to look for in translation services  and Top 5 reasons your localization costs too much  for more translation service best practices.

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